Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to Make Money Simply by Walking In & Out of Your Local Grocery Store? This Is Almost Unbelievable!

You've seen those little FREE classified newspapers at the doors of your local grocery stores - ever wondered what would happen if you advertised your website or services in all those newspapers distributed throughout the US? You think that Craigslist, Amazon, and other online classified sites has made "these newpapers" obselete, think again!  

Despite the internet, over 35 percent of persons do not use the internet anywhere and approximately 40 percent have no broadband access at home - especially in rural areas according to Digital Nation Research 2010.

Today is your breakthrough!

Are you aware that American Classified, publisher of Thrifty Nickel, The American Aardvark, TidBits and other popular classifed newspapers now allow you to post online ads from your home computer, straight to print and/or their digital editions absolutely FREE?  More importantly, you can post FREE ads in multiple cities (up to 10 maximum) without spending a dime! You can even post in thousands of free local classified newspapers NATIONWIDE for a modest fee.

These papers are printed and distributed every Thursday with weekly circulation well over 4.1 million papers. All classified ads are available online at American Classifieds. The Thrifty Nickel is published in 23 states and in Washington DC. Imagine the traffic and earning potential of your website(s) or blogs.


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